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BT audio player: Mechanical Design

Mechanical design for the in-wall Bluetooth audio player project. The most difficult aspects of the design are mechanical. Fitting the module into a standard electrical junction box without visible fasteners, while allowing for it to be easily removed and look good is quite a challenge.
Bluetooth Audio Player
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Building a toaster reflow oven - Part 3 (Manufacturing)

This is part 3 of a 4-part series on building a toaster reflow oven: Oven hardware Controller hardware Manufacturing Controller software So far we’ve looked at the hardware design, but aside from modifying the oven in part 1, nothing has been built yet.
Toaster Reflow Oven
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Integrating the pool and house with a wooden deck

A key objective of the original design was to ensure that the pool and deck were integrated with the home, rather than being a separate element, fenced off and visibly independent.
Swimming pool construction project
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