Below are some of the programming and Website projects I’ve completed (and documented). Accompanying code can be found in my GitHub repo here.

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Code and Website projects

A live air quality monitoring and reporting application hosted on AWS, using Lambda, S3, DynamoDB and API gateway services.

The application retrieves hourly pollutant concentration data and produces a set of customized Shopify liquid pages detailing air quality metrics and activity guidance for the public at over 1000 locations in Hong Kong.

The pages are served on an ecommerce site via a Shopify App Proxy.


A cat-themed Solitaire card game Website and Solitaire history blog.

The game runs entirely on the client using SVG and the DOM and is written in Typescript.

User accounts, saved games, rankings, high scores etc. are implemented using Supabase on the backend (Postgres), with game validation using Supabase edge functions.

Client-side user state management and dialog (login, saved games, profile etc.) rendering uses SolidJS.

The blog portion of the site is generated by Hugo, the content of which was a lot of fun to research.

The site is hosted on Cloudflare Pages.