Special delivery

Arrival of the 10 meter, 800kg pool shell.

last updated: Dec 25, 2023

With the pool base compacted, screeded and ready, it’s time to put the shell down.

The pool site itself is in the back garden and there’s no access for a crane so we’ll be lifting it over the house from the street. That will be no small task as the house is two stories and the site is over 40 meters (~130 feet) from the street. Given the distances involved, moving the pool into place will be a two step process:

Today is step one.

The shell arrived on the back of a truck, which incorporates it’s own crane.

We had initially planned to place it on the grass strip between the road and our property, but thankfully learned that despite being close to 10 meters long (~33 feet) long and weighing 800 kg (~1750 lbs), the shell would be happy being supported on it’s four corners only. We therefore had the driver place it on the driveway, supported by four 25kg bags of salt.

Pool shell being maneuvered into place by the operator

Pool shell being maneuvered into place by the operator

Pool shell resting on driveway

Safely delivered

This was definitely the easier of the two-step process. I expect that getting it over the house will push the limits of our crane operator.

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