Excavation (mostly) complete!

Five days of excavating by machine and shovel, and the site is nearly ready to begin thinking about footing preparations.

last updated: Apr 10, 2024

Mostly. There is still plenty of shovel work remaining to get the footing trenches exact, and there’s a substantial amount of manual digging to do in the areas pipes were discovered during the dig, but the rough (read machine) excavation is complete.

I had estimated it would take two days to complete the rough excavation. It took five. The key reasons being:

  • Time taken to demolish existing sleeper retaining walls, posts, concrete footings and remove the existing flora.
  • Three broken pipes, requiring hasty repairs and preventing use of the excavator in those areas.
  • The massive amount of time required to move the excavated material using the excavator (didn’t have a bobcat/dozer on site).

Here’s the site as it stands:

Footing trench

Pool, deck, and footing trenches

Excavated dirt

Growing mountain of excavated dirt

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